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Spelt Flakes

Spelt Flakes

What are Spelt Flakes?

Spelt flakes are derived from a grain belonging to the wheat family known as spelt. Spelt is a lighter grain than wheat and has a slightly nutty flavour. When rolled flat, it forms flakes which can be made into a nutritious meal much like oat bran. 

Individual spelt grains are known as spelt berries. When the berries are flattened they become rolled spelt flakes. The flattening process usually occurs after the grain has been lightly toasted. It is then pressed and flattened. The flattening process is done in one of two ways -:

  • Using a hot roller steam roller to soften the grain during the rolling process.

  • Or using a cold press. This way helps to preserve more of the nutritional content and quality of the grain.

Spelt vs Oatmeal

Both of these grains are nutritious and healthy - which one is more suitable for you will depend on what type of diet you need

Spelt has more vitamins and minerals than oatmeal. On the flip side, it also has more carbohydrates and more sugars. Both kinds of cereal pack a healthy nutritional punch and which one is right for you will depend on what you’re looking for. 

If you’re on a low carb diet, oatmeal is preferable. The same goes for low sugar and fat diets. However, if you’re looking for a diet that is low on the glycemic index, spelt wins hands down.

Nutritional benefits of spelt flakes

Packed with vitamins and minerals, spelt provides a range of health benefits including:

  • Supporting digestion as spelt is high in fibre content.

  • Contains complex carbohydrates that tend to be digested slowly, enabling them to provide you with more energy for longer periods.

  • Spelt has a low glycemic index when compared to other grains, making it a better choice when trying to manage diabetes.

  • The fibre in spelt helps to lower bad cholesterol levels (LDL).

  • Contains complex carbohydrates and amino acids that help to prevent inflammation.

  • Contains phosphorous and calcium in sufficient quantities to support and strengthen bones. 

Where to buy spelt flakes in Australia

If you’re looking for a breakfast cereal that gives you that full feeling that oatmeal does, but need to keep an eye on your glycemic index, you will find that spelt flakes will meet your needs. Buy Organics online has sourced a range of organic spelt flakes that are sure to please. Buy your supply today from Buy Organics Online.


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