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Detox Tea

Detox Tea

Cleanse your body with a detox tea

Leave your body healthier with a detox tea! Throughout the course of our daily lives, most of us naturally consume foods and drinks that can be damaging to the liver. It is important to balance out the consumption of less healthy products with healthier, wholesome products that can help flush damaging toxins from your liver leaving your body in a healthier state. This is where a detoxification product such as detox tea can prove highly beneficial. The popularity of this type of product stems from Chinese and Indian traditional medicine practices which recommend the use of herbal products to promote healthier functioning of the body. Many swear by this popular approach and the many health benefits that it can provide.

What does detox tea do?

Detox tea has the main function of ridding the body of toxins. Drinking it will usually result in reduced bloating, appetite suppression, boosts to energy levels and the immune system. It will also result in increased urine output.

How does detox tea work?

Detox tea works as a weight loss aid as it has very few calories in it while still having high nutritional value. It helps to detox the body by keeping the body hydrated and helping to cleanse kidneys.

Detox Tea benefits

There are some significant benefits that come from consumption of detox tea as part of a balanced diet. These health benefits include:

  • It can rid the body of damaging toxins. Detox teas provide incredible benefits to the body by reducing inflammation that can cause toxic gut issues. This is achieved through the presence of many anti-inflammatory properties within this product that can repair damaged intestines while removing toxicity throughout the entire body.

  • It promotes healthier liver functioning. Because this product contains many ingredients that are known to help remove the build up of toxins in the liver whilst also reducing inflammation, there are significant benefits to be had.

  • Your skin will thank you. Where toxic overload occurs, one significant issue that arises is the presence of acne on the skin. Because this product effectively removes toxins this is less likely to occur.

What kind of tea is good for detox?

Many herbal teas act as good detox teas. IN our opinion the best of these have been formulated specifically for the purposes of detoxification. A tea such as Blooms Detox has a blend of fennel, lemongrass, caraway seeds, raspberry leaves, aniseed, licorice root and more herbs to aid the detoxification process. 

Of course time tested options like green tea are well known for their detoxification properties.

How to use detox tea

Detox tea can be used in a variety of ways. These are

  • To drink and enjoy the tea for what it is - a delicious refreshing drink that has very little calories.

  • To use it to aid a full body detox program. This usually takes around twenty one days. This involves regularly drinking tea morning and night over a twenty one day period.

  • To restore balance after over indulging. Detox teas can help you to recover more quickly from over eating or a little too much alcohol.

Detox Tea Australia

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