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Rice Flakes

Rice Flakes

What are Rice Flakes?

Rice flakes are basically flattened rice and are also known as Poha or Aval. When added to hot and cold liquid, rice flakes swell, much like porridge does. The thickness of rice flakes vary from being nearly translucent right through to being four times as thick as a rice grain. 

Rice flakes may be eaten raw when immersed in plain water or milk. Salt or sugar can be added according to taste. The flakes can alternatively be lightly fried in oil with nuts, raisins and other spices. They can be added to hot water to make a porridge or paste. The texture and thickness of the rice flakes mixture will depend upon the proportion of water added. 

Rice flakes for babies

Introducing solids to a baby’s diet is a matter for discussion between the parents and their pediatrician. Introducing solids too early can pose some choking risks and may lead to obesity. However, rice cereal and therefore rice flakes is generally considered one of the first foods that can be introduced to babies. 

You can introduce rice cereal to the baby’s diet by mixing 1 to 2 tablespoons of iron-fortified rice cereal with between 4 and 6 tablespoons of formula, breast milk, or water. Spoon feed the mixture to your baby and be prepared for some initial resistance. It may take several feedings for the baby to adjust to this new way of feeding. 

Rice flakes recipes

Rice flakes recipes cover a range of savoury and sweet dishes. Look for recipes such as Poha sweet mixture and Poha Chivda. You will be amazed at the versatility that these flakes offer.

What are the Rice Flakes benefits?

Besides being lactose free, fat free and heart healthy, rice flakes benefits are:-

  • Gluten free making them suitable for people allergic to wheat products.

  • Contains iron, vitamin B, carbohydrates and proteins..

  • Excellent source of energy.

  • Quite filling.

  • Rice is a source of vitamin B1 and as such helps in stabilizing blood sugar.

Where to buy Rice Flakes in Australia?

If you’ve been looking for pure natural organic rice flakes, the best option may be to buy organic rice flakes from a supplier that only sources quality organic food. Buy Organics online stocks a range of quality rice flakes products sure to suit your needs. Add some variety to your meals and buy organic rice flakes from Buy Organics Online today.


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