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Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp Protein Powder – A great choice for vegans

With its high amount of essential amino acids that cannot be produced naturally, Hemp Protein Powder is considered the best choice for a vegan protein supplement. As well as being significantly high in protein, hemp powder contains a vast amount of healthy omega fats and fiber that many other organic proteins are lacking.

What is Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp Protein Powder is produced from the Cannabis sativa plant. Unlike its illegal cousin Marijuana, hemp seed has very little measurable quantities of the psychoactive compound THC. Empirical research has uncovered that THC when people are eating hemp has significant health benefits and very little in the way of side effects. Because organic hemp powder contains only a small trace amount of THC (normally between 0.3 to 1.5 percent) consumers do not run the risk of getting high.

If you’ve been wondering what is hemp powder used for, it is widely used as a vegan protein supplement and it can be added to a wide range of recipes as well as being a staple ingredient in many vegan smoothies and shakes.

What are the health benefits of organic hemp powder

There are some considerable health benefits that comes with the consumption of organic hemp powder as part of your healthy eating lifestyle. These benefits include:

  • A sizeable increase in protein. Regular consumption of protein such as that found when eating hemp in powder form can help assist the body in the development, growth and maintenance of muscles. Furthermore, it can help boost your metabolism and increase the body’s ability to burn fat.
  • An improvement in overall heart health. The rich source of omega3 fatty acids in hemp protein powder leads to a boost in cardiovascular health. As hemp protein is high in fiber it can assist in lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol and heart disease
  • A cleansed colon. The high amount of fiber in hemp powder, both soluble and insoluble, helps cleanse the colon by reducing constipation and helping to rid toxins from the body.
  • Leads to a reduction in cravings for sugar. Due to its high nutrient content, hemp powder is ideal to fight off sugar cravings. As it can help regulate blood glucose, you are much less likely to experience a crash in energy and are not likely to turn to sugar to boost your fatigue levels.
  • Inserting hemp protein powder into your diet can give your immune system a valuable spike. This is due to the presence of edestin and albumin which are crucial proteins responsible for stronger immune functioning.
  • Animal friendly and cruelty free, organic protein powder is the perfect choice for vegans and those who are concerned about the treatment of animals.  
  • And if you’ve been wondering “Is hemp protein good for weight loss?” There is much anecdotal evidence to suggest that hemp protein  helps people to burn fat ,build muscle and lose weight. However, there is no conclusive evidence to support this. However, there is little doubt that taking hemp protein powder does make people feel fuller and more satisfied, thereby reducing hunger cravings and perhaps indirectly helping people to reduce weight loss.

Is hemp protein better than whey protein?

Both protein powders have their advocates. There are some clear differences between the two powders . The key differences are:

  • Hemp protein powder is a plant based powder whereas whey is a dairy based powder. This obviously is a key factor for vegans looking for the best protein powder.

  • There are no additives in hemp protein powder while the production of whey powder necessitates the use of hexane to separate the powder. The no additive feature of hemp protein powder makes it easier to digest

  • Perhaps the one key area that whey powder has a clear advantage is the amount of protein contained within it (over 90%) compared to 50% protein contained in hemp powder.

  • Hemp protein contains over 20 different amino acids and only contains unsaturated fats. Whey protein powder on the other hand contains saturated fats and traces of cholesterol.

A common question asked in relation to hemp powder is - does hemp powder have CBD? The answer is generally no, as the protein powder is made from the seeds of the hemp plant and CBD is present in the leaves and flowers of the plant.

Organic Hemp Protein Australia

At Buy Organics Online you can get organic hemp protein powder from only the most trusted Australian and International brands. With the significant health benefits that consumption of organic hemp powder can provide, it is little wonder that hemp powder Australia continues to grow in popularity by the minute. Simply add this product to your protein shakes and you will instantly boost your protein intake while providing the human body with many benefits.

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