Vegetable Glycerin

What is vegetable glycerin

Vegetable glycerin is a clear sugar based alcohol obtained from plant oils.  Triglyceride rich fats such as soy, palm oil or coconut oil are heated with a strong alkali to make vegetable glycerin. This process causes the glycerin to separate from the fatty acids and mix with water to form a sweet tasting odourless syrup. Organic vegetable glycerin uses vegetable products that have been grown and harvested without the use or intrusion of chemicals or pesticides. Certified organic vegetable glycerin in Australia has been certified by one of several bodies as meeting the AS 6000 standard for organic products 

There are a variety of uses for vegetable glycerin in the home.

Benefits of using natural vegetable glycerin.

From a cooking perspective, glycerin’s sweet taste can be used to offset the bitter taste of some herbs when using as a baking supply. Glycerin can also be used to prevent some foods like yoghurt from freezing.

Perhaps one of the most popular uses of natural glycerin is as a skin cleansing agent. Applying it can help to soften skin. For this reason it is often used  to make home made clear soaps and facial creams. It has also been known to make an effective hair conditioner when mixed with aloe vera.

Glycerin can also be used to make many different household chores that bit easier. Glycerin can be used for purposes varying from greasing cupcake pans to preventing hydraulic jacks from freezing.

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