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Cacao Butter

Cacao Butter

What is cacao butter?

Cacao butter is a naturally occurring substance that comes from the cacao bean. It is a pale yellow colour and adds a creamy smoothness to many different foods and body products  while having a delicious chocolate flavour and being sugar and dairy free, making it an excellent choice for vegans. Organic cacao butter is derived from cacao beans that have been grown and harvested organically without the aid of synthetics, pesticides or GMOs.

Cacao butter is made by cleaning and roasting the harvested cacao beans The beans are stripped from the roasted shells and crushed into nibs. These are then ground into cocoa liquid liquor. The liquor is then pressed to separate the fat - which is raw cacao butter. The remainder is cacao powder.

Cacao butter is better than cocoa butter because it hasn’t had vital nutrients destroyed by being subjected to high heat.

Benefits of cacao butter

Cacao butter is packed full of healthy fats and antioxidants meaning that adding cacao butter to your weekly diet could deliver the following benefits. 

  • May improve heart health.

  • Rich source of oleic, palmitic and stearic acids which all contribute to lowering the risk of stroke 

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Long lasting stable fact that allows a long storage life

  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Cacao butter can be easily added to your diet by adding it to smoothies and numerous sweet treats or can be added to hot drinks.

Cacao butter where to buy

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