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Borlotti Beans

Borlotti Beans

What are borlotti beans

Borlotti beans, sometimes called Cranberry beans or even French horticultural beans. Fresh borlotti beans come in large red and beige pods. The exterior shell is not edible, however the fruit contained inside is thought by many to be a delicious delicacy. Fresh beans tend to last only a short while and most available beans sold in commercial quantities are are either dried or come as tinned borlotti beans.

The beans have quite a meaty, somewhat chestnutty flavour and can make an excellent addition to meals or even feature as a main dish. The beans blend well with spices and can form the base for an excellent bean salad.

Borlotti beans health benefits 

Regardless of whether you choose borlotti beans canned or dried they have substantial health benefits. The main ones are:

  • An excellent source of protein which is vital for the maintenance of lean muscle. Alternative protein sources are particularly important for vegetarians or those who don;t have regular access to meat supplies.

  • Low GI index means that they make a hearty meal that leaves you feeling full and prevents overeating.

  • Contain good portions of essential minerals such as copper, magnesium ,calcium and iron

  • High fibre content to aid digestion

  • High concentration of folate which is critical during periods of rapid growth and pregnancy

Where to buy borlotti beans in Australia

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