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Hemp Seeds Australia

Hemp Seeds Australia

Organic Hemp Seeds

Organic Hemp seeds are classified as organic due to the process of growing the crops until they are harvested. No chemicals or pesticides are used in the process and producers need to follow the designated regulations in order to be certified organic. There are many brands that offer organic hemp seeds and it is usually written on the package.

Hemp seeds are available in two forms, hulled hemp seeds or shelled hemp seeds. Hulled ones are the heart of the seed without the outer shell whereas shelled ones come with their shell.

Hemp Seeds Benefits

Hemp seeds provide many nutrients including vitamins, fibres and amino acids which are extremely beneficial for your health and well-being. Hemp seeds contain all nine essential amino acids meaning that they are a complete protein source.

Let's have a look at some of the benefits of hemp seeds when consumed.

  1. Hemp seeds help reduce cells that cause arthritis. They provide relief from joints pain.

  2. They can make you fill fuller while reducing the feeling of hunger. Along with fibre contents, they can help you lose weight and maintain a healthy eating lifestyle. Include the seeds in your cereal or yogurt bowls.

  3. The seeds can add dietary fiber to your diet and help regulate your gastrointestinal function while aiding in digestion and treating constipation.[3]

  4. Ability to reduce inflammation through amino acids and fatty acids contents and strengthen the overall immune system.[2]

  5. It is found to reduce the chances of cancerous cells to develop or grow in a different part (metastasis).

  6. Hemp seeds may improve heart health as they contain the fatty acid Arginine which produces nitric oxide and helps to relax blood vessels thereby lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of coronary heart disease. [1]

What are hemp seeds?

Hemp seeds are regarded by many people as a superfood. These small brown seeds obtained from the cannabis plant are rich in fibre, protein and a range of healthy fatty acids.

Can hemp seeds give you a high?

They do not produce a mind altering or intoxicating effect when eaten 

When referring to Hemp Seeds Australia, consumers tend to worry about side effects since the hemp corps have been used as a drug. In fact, when hemp seeds are consumed, they provide valuable nutrients without any of the side effects that hemp usually causes when smoked.

Can hemp seeds make you fail a drug test?

While hemp comes from a cannabis plant, it is not the same plant as a marijuana plant. The levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) contained within the hemp plant are much lower. The THC component of hemp is around .03% whereas a marijuana plant contains between 5 and 30 percent THC content. Experts in the drug enforcement field have stated that it is impossible to fail a drug test after consuming hemp seeds.

Which leads naturally to another question..

Are hemp seeds legal?

Hemp seeds come from the cannabis plant and are completely legal to consume although it is illegal to be smoked. Several studies showed that hemp seeds are extremely beneficial and powerful and are recommended to be included in your meals. Not only do they provide nutrients, they also can help alleviate discomfort experienced from serious diseases.

What are the side effects of hemp seeds?

Hemp seeds are considered safe when consumed in moderation. Consuming large amounts of hemp seeds may cause side effects such as diarrhea. Otherwise, hemp seeds may affect anticoagulant medications when consumed in large quantities. If you are prescribed anticoagulant medication, you should consult your doctor before incorporating hemp seeds into your diet.

How to eat hemp seed?

Packed with natural goodness provided by essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, vitamin E and a range of minerals, hemp seed makes a logical addition to a healthy diet. Eating hemp seeds can be done in a variety of ways. Hemp seed can be added to just about any meal and has a mild nutty flavour. As a plant based protein, hemp seed is an attractive option for vegan and vegetarian diets.

Some ways to add hemp seeds to your diet include:

  • sprinkling seeds on breakfast cereal, yogurt or even ice cream
  • adding seeds to protein shakes or smoothies
  • Adding the seeds to baked dishes.
  • Use whole seeds to make hemp milk
  • combining hemp seeds with other seeds or nuts and adding the mix to a salad

How much hemp seeds should you eat a day?

Hemp hearts or seeds are a rich source of protein and fatty acids. There are no side effects associated with eating hemp when consumed in moderation. However as the high fibre content can cause gastrointestinal discomfort when the seeds are consumed in large doses, it is recommended that you drink lots of water when eating hemp seeds.

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