Hemp Oil Australia


Hemp Oil in Australia 

Hemp oil in Australia can refer to the oil extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant or oil extracted from the hemp seed  plant - this is called hemp seed oil Australia has legalised the importation of hemp seed oil provided that the total cannabidiol content is 75mg per kilogram or l and that that the total THC content is 50mg per kilogram or less. The purchase of hemp seed oil and CBD hemp oil in Australia is legal for people who have obtained a prescription from their doctor.

The relaxation of rules regarding the purchase of hemp oil in Australia has been in response to the push for medical hemp in Australia.

Benefits of using hemp oil

Using hemp seed oil is said to provide many health benefits. These include:

While the research on the benefits of hemp seed oil is still in its early stages, there is much anecdotal evidence to support its use. Choosing organic hemp oil in Australia may be the right choice for you provided you have a legal reason to use it.

Where to buy hemp oil in Australia

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