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What are Organic Superfoods?

In answer to the question what are superfoods, the answer is not defined to a particular food group. Superfoods are nutrient dense and full of antioxidants that are known to ward off free radicals which are harmful to the body’s cellular structure. Common ingredients of super foods include healthy fats which are considered good for heart health, a high concentration of fiber and phytochemicals which give plants a deep rich colour. Organic superfoods are simply superfoods that have been grown organically, without the aid of synthetic materials, pesticides or genetically modified organisms.

If you’re looking to get more value out of your diet then organic superfoods are the answer to your prayers. These “functional foods” as they are sometimes called, offer more nutrients than your body requires for basic survival. Each superfood has more nutrient value per gram than other foods and literally offers more value per bite.

Common foods that are recognised to have these high nutritional properties include blueberries, strawberries, broccoli, chia seeds, acai berries and many more Organic superfoods can be taken naturally or in powdered or liquid from.

Superfood Benefits

What do superfoods do for your body?

Eating superfoods, whether raw organic superfoods or in concentrated form can deliver some amazing benefits to your body. Each superfood will deliver slightly different benefits. Some of the benefits associated with some of the more common foods include -:

  • Blueberries have massive concentrations of antioxidants. When eaten regularly these tasty power packed berries will help to prevent heart disease, neurological issues and cystitis. There is also some evidence to suggest that they break down fat cells 
  • Olive Oil is known to lower the bad kind of cholesterol while increasing the good kind. It is also full of antioxidants known to reduce the chances of getting diabetes and arthritis
  • Broccoli is rich in vitamins A, K and C. These vitamins help to assist tissue repair, build stronger bones and boost the immune system. Broccoli is also known to boost brain functions and help to restrict the onset of Alzheimer’s disease

There are many similar types of superfood available each has its own unique properties and health benefits.

Where to Buy Organic Superfoods Australia

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