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Vegan Mayonnaise

Vegan Mayonnaise

Egg-free Vegan Mayonnaise

Animal lovers can now add vegan mayonnaise to their favourite salad or coleslaw! Normally not vegan due to the presence of eggs, health food manufacturers are now placing a focus into providing an egg-free mayonnaise option for the ever-expanding vegan population. This shift in focus is largely due to the growing acceptance of a vegan lifestyle in modern society. Where such a diet used to be seen as unhealthy and unappealing, today more and more are accepting the tremendous health benefits that come with embracing a vegan lifestyle.

The benefits of vegan mayonnaise as part of a vegan diet

There are many benefits to consuming products such as vegan mayonnaise having made the switch to a vegan diet. The benefits of such a diet include:

  • You’ll likely consume more nutrients. Switching away from animal and meat products will lead to you looking elsewhere for your daily food intake. This likely leads to higher consumption of natural foods that have great nutritional value such as grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts. In addition, using condiments and spreads such as vegan mayonnaise instead of the regular kind will lead to less fat consumption and a greater nutritional intake.
  • It’ll improve your waistline. Non-animal product options such as vegan mayonnaise contain far less fat and more protein than their non-vegan alternatives. This will leave you feeling full while also avoiding the harmful content often found in many animal product alternatives and therefore is likely to help you lose weight.
  • It’ll reduce the risk of numerous diseases and illnesses. Vegan food options contain much more fiber and less saturated fat in addition to many other nutritional advantages. Such advantages have tremendous benefits to your health such as a reduction in the risk of heart disease, kidney disease and diabetes to name a few.

Vegan mayonnaise Australia

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