Maple Sugar

What is maple sugar?

Maple sugar is a sugar that has been obtained from maple tree sap. The process is quite simple. The maple sap is boiled until little liquid remains and the rest of the sap has crystallized. Maple sugar can be used in exactly the same way as cane sugars are used. It can be used as a drink sweetener, cereal topping or as a baking ingredient.

Maple sugar is very sweet - almost twice as sweet as regular sugar - so all recipes should cut  the sugar content by almost half when substituting maple sugar in the recipe. Organic maple sugar is maple sugar that has been certified that a natural production process has been maintained throughout the extraction process.

Benefits of maple sugar

Much like maple syrup, maple sugar is packed full of nutritional benefits. Some of these benefits include:

While organic maple sugar has many benefits, like everything it should be consumed in moderation.

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