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Scalp Treatment

Scalp Treatment

What is Scalp Treatment?

Scalp treatment is almost a catch all term that describes a variety of methods that can be used to promote scalp and hair health. A key point to understand here is that scalp treatments offered by hair salons that offer little more than a scalp massage may help to ease tension, but will provide little benefit in terms of scalp health or hair growth.

There are, however, a variety of scalp treatment products that can help with easing such problems as an itchy scalp and even promoting hair growth. The best scalp treatment product will depend upon what the actual problem is. Scalp problems can range from oiliness, to a condition colloquially known as cradle cap through to dandruff, acne and of course problems associated with hair loss.

How do you treat Scalp problems?

The treatment of scalp problems is likely to vary on a case by case basis. However, there are a few methods that can be applied to suit particular problems.

  • Scalp acne treatment will require the use of an exfoliating scalp scrub, to help clear away dead scaly skin. A gentle scrub like the Giovanni D Tox Exfoliating Scalp Scrub will help to remove flaky skin and cleanse the pores while the addition of some tea tree oil in either a shampoo or just a few drops applied directly will help to treat the acne directly.

  • Oily scalp treatment will require an application that will help to dry the scalp and restore it to its natural state. Consistently rinsing your hair in running water will help to do this. Shampoos and conditioners that can help will contain such natural ingredients as coal tar or activated charcoal Giovanni’s D Tox Exfoliating Scrub once again fills the bill here.

  • Dry scalp treatment will require a restoring hair treatment like Dr Organic’s Hemp Oil restoring hair treatment is perfect for dry and normal hair. It is known to promote hair growth, acts as a natural moisturiser and improves blood circulation in the scalp.

What shampoo is good for Scalp fungus?

Fungal infections are more common than most people realize and  scalp fungus infections can affect people of all ages. The causes of scalp fungus are varied as there are many types of fungus which can cause scalp irritation and annoying itching. If scalp fungus is ignored, it can cause hair loss and in some cases, baldness.

Shampoos with natural antifungal properties are going to work best. As a general rule look for shampoos that contain ingredients such as tea tree oil, honey, aloe vera, oregano oil and ginger. One of the best organic antifungal shampoos available is Dr. Organic’s Organic Tea Tree Shampoo. This shampoo cleanses and repairs hair while having additional antiseptic qualities. 

There is no secret to using  antifungal shampoos- they basically should be used as you would use a “normal” shampoo. However, it is always best to read the directions for use prior to using a shampoo for the first time. The recommended procedure for using a shampoo to treat fungal infections should be something similar to to this

  • Thoroughly wet your hair with water 

  • Apply a small dollop of antifungal shampoo.

  • Massage the shampoo into the hair and create a lather.

  • Thoroughly clean your scalp using your fingers to work the lather around your scalp.

  • Allow the shampoo to remain in your hair for around five minutes.

  • Then rinse your hair thoroughly in running water. 

How often Scalp Treatment?

The regularity of scalp treatments will vary according to conditions and any directions on the particular product labels. When you are treating a particular problem treatments could be daily, whereas, if you are just looking to maintain a healthy scalp, scalp treatments could be done on a monthly basis.

Scalp Treatment reviews?

When looking for scalp treatment reviews, you will need to be mindful of the different types of treatments and the variety of products available. All products available through Buy Organics Online have been chosen for their effectiveness and natural organic properties. We believe that you will find the best scalp treatment products online at our website. Browse our selection today.


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