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Skimmed Milk Powder

Skimmed Milk Powder

What is Skimmed Milk powder?

Skimmed milk is milk that has had  the fat and cream removed. Skimmed milk powder is made by drying the milk in an evaporator that removes almost all of the water content from the milk.

Skimmed milk powder has an extremely low-calorie count but retains milk’s nutritious properties. This makes it a handy replacement for whole milk which is well known to be packed with a range of minerals, protein and vitamin B12, riboflavin. 

Why buy Skimmed Milk powder?

The benefits of skimmed milk powder are

  • It is a low-fat milk with all cream removed. This will assist in weight management as well as boosting heart health. 

  • High source of protein. One cup of skimmed milk contains about 8.5 grams of protein. The amino acids within skimmed milk powder help to build muscles and studies have shown that skimmed milk protein helps to build muscles faster  than soy protein.

  • Contains fewer calories than whole milk. A regular cup of milk contains approximately 160 calories whereas a cup of skimmed milk contains just over 70 calories.

  • High mineral content including calcium, selenium, potassium and zinc. Calcium helps to build strong teeth and bones while potassium aids with regulating blood pressure and the proper functioning of the heart.

Which is the best Skimmed Milk powder?

While there may be a temptation to proclaim all skim milk powders to be the same, it is our belief that organic skimmed milk powder free from additives, GMOs and preservatives makes a healthier choice.

What are the uses of Skimmed Milk powder?

Skimmed milk powder has a variety of practical and commercial uses. 

In the home it can be used in a variety of ways including -:

  • Use to premix ingredients for recipes that use milk. When ready to cook, simply add water. If you’re wondering how much skim milk powder to water - the ratio works like this 1 cup of milk = 1 cup of water and 3 tablespoons of powdered milk. You can add the tablespoons to the dry mix and add the water later.

  • Use it for cooking in any recipe that calls for regular milk. This applies to scalloped potatoes, macaroni cheese, oatmeal and lots more.

  • Drink it - preferably chill it in the refrigerator after mixing. 

  • Add to existing recipes for a touch of extra protein.

  • Use it for travelling and camping trips - it is easy to carry and store.

Where to buy Skimmed Milk powder in Australia?

If you have been looking for the best skimmed milk powder suppliers within Australia then you will find that Buy Organics Online has a range of organic skilled milk products that is sure to suit your needs. Choose from the very best organically produced skim milk products and add some flexibility to your cooking and lifestyle needs. Get your supply of skimmed milk from Buy Organics Online now. . 

Skimmed Milk powder reviews?

If you spend some time searching online you will discover a lot of skim milk powder reviews. Skimmed milk powder wholesale and retail is highly sort for its versatility and goodness. The skimmed milk powder products available through Buy Organics Online are all highly regarded products sourced for their natural goodness and organic purity.


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