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Vegan Parmesan

Vegan Parmesan

Vegan Parmesan Cheese

Ensure you don’t miss out on one of life’s most popular foods with vegan parmesan cheese. While many are keen to adopt the practice of not eating animal products, one of the biggest frustrations for vegans is the need to give up on cheese. People’s love of cheese stems from the delicious flavour it provides when added to a versatile range of products. From sandwiches, to baked dishes to pizzas, and so much more, cheese is a welcome addition to an abundance of foods that we consume daily. But for the vegan, this is one great sacrifice that comes with cutting out dairy products. But not anymore, with the ability for vegans to create their own vegan parmesan cheese out of non-animal products.

What exactly is vegan parmesan cheese?

Put simply vegan parmesan cheese is cheese made that is free of any animal ingredients. It can be made using a range of different ingredients including: soy protein, nutritional yeast, solidified vegetable oil, hemp and/or a range of nuts (almonds and cashews most commonly). The taste can be quite different but still delicious. The reason the taste differs is largely due to the way that the proteins in actual cheese infuse with each other. Because vegan parmesan cheese does not experience this effect, the same complex flavours found in actual cheese are often missing. This does not mean that the taste in itself isn’t flavoursome though, and many consumers report liking vegan cheese just as much, once they get used to the difference in flavour.

Vegan parmesan cheese Australia

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