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Dandelion Coffee is a product like no other. Often used as a tea or coffee substitute, dandelion enables consumers to still enjoy a warm cuppa whilst avoiding the over-consumption of caffeine. While two to four cups of coffee or tea is not considered harmful, for some, caffeine can cause significant health issues that require it to be avoided for the most part. Always check with your GP prior to consuming herbal self-treatment products, particularly if you have pre-existing medical conditions.

Health benefits of Dandelion Coffee

If you have been wondering what are the benefits of dandelion coffee, you may be surprised to learn that drinking dandelion coffee provides the following benefits-:


Does dandelion coffee have caffeine?

While it looks and tastes a lot like coffee, dandelion coffee is free from caffeine making it an excellent option for people looking to lower their caffeine intake 

Does dandelion coffee taste like coffee?

Dandelion coffee is made from dandelion root and when brood looks pretty much the same as brewed coffee. Some advocates will tell you that dandelion coffee tastes just like coffee. However, as almost all different brands of coffee have slightly different aromas and tastes, you will probably find the taste similar to but not exactly the same as your regular coffee. Just like the real thing, dandelion coffee can be sweetened according to taste using a variety of additives including sugars, honey and lemon. A little experimentation will have you sipping on a very good substitute for your regular brew.

What is the difference between dandelion tea and dandelion coffee?

In strict terms dandelion coffee is actually a blend of dandelion tea, ground from the dandelion root and often blended with chicory to give it a coffee like appearance and taste.

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