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Seaweed Snacks

What are seaweed snacks?

Seaweed snacks are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to potato chips and other similar snack foods. Simply explained seaweed snacks are thin sheets of dried and roasted seaweed topped with a variety of delicious seasonings. They make a delicious savoury alternative and don't have a fishy flavour.

Organic seaweed snacks are made from organically grown and harvested seaweed that has been growing without the use of chemicals pesticides or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Are organic seaweed snacks healthy

Seaweed snacks do indeed make a healthy snack alternative. Nori seaweed is the type of seaweed usually used to make seaweed snacks and it contains  a wide range of beneficial nutrients.

The roasted seaweed snack maintains all of the usual benefits of seaweed these benefits include

 on the Flip side, seaweed has a naturally high sodium content so moderation should always be practice when eating them 

Where to buy seaweed snacks Australia can rely on

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