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Acure Detox Depuff Under Eye Hydrogels 7ml


Acure Detox-Depuff Under Eye Hydrogels 7ml


Acure Detox depuff under eye hydrogels 7 has important Ingredients like charcoal lemon and cucumber which is combo to oily skin. It detox , defy and depuff the appearance of the under eye with activated charcoal and lemon extract. A very gentle face mask that gives an under eye a different look after its application.


  • Can be used in all skin types
  • Very gentle
  • Detoxification of under eyes

Suggested Usage:

Open on a flat surface, being careful to open the mask tray side up, keeping the hydrating elixir in the tray. Lift mask out one at a time and apply to under eye area while lying back, taking care not to place directly in or on top of your eye.  Allow to set for 15-20 minutes. Remove and discard. No need to rinse! 

Product Attributes:

100% vegan

0% questionable

Paraben free

Sulphate free

Mineral oil free

Petrolatum free

Silicone free

Cruelty free


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