Bee Pollen 180gr By Eden Health Foods

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Packaged in Western Australia and sourced from only the finest plant species that produce high-quality pollen, Bee Pollen by Eden Health Foods is a highly concentrated food source containing a large supply of quality nutrients.  100% raw and natural and made without any unnecessary processing and chemicals, it is a natural and rich source of protein. Tremendously high in vitamins and minerals, and containing next to no fats and calories it is a popular food source amongst world class athletes and those looking to maximise performance.

With so many quality ingredients contained within, Bee Pollen from Eden Health Foods plays an important role in boosting energy and endurance. Being low in fat and calories means it is a great choice for people experiencing high cholesterol, high blood pressure and a range of heart conditions. 100% gluten free, it is highly suitable for consumers who suffer from celiac disease.

For an outstanding result that will leave you feeling energised, buy this and other organic products online today!