Beetroot Powder 80gr By Super Sprout

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Super Sprout Beetroot Powder 80g

The benefits of consuming beetroot powder cannot be understated. Beetroot contains a diverse range of nutrients that provide significant value to the customer who consumes it. This is due to the high nutritional content that includes a rich source of vitamins and minerals. The benefits of consumption include:

- Helps to lower blood pressure

- Can increase energy and boost stamina

- Supports digestion and regularity

- Moderates blood sugar levels

- Can have positive influence on liver detoxification

Additionally, beetroot is very low in calories, yet high in fiber, which means that it can leave you fill without having significantly impacted on your daily calorie intake.

Beetroot Powder 80g from Super Sprout provides all these benefits and comes in powder form within an 80g resealable bottle. Simply sprinkle on top of your favourite cereal, salad, soup, or smoothie to start yielding the tremendous benefits that this product can provide.

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Product Ingredient:

100% Organic Beetroot Powder