Blooms IntelliVit Women's MultiVitamin 60t

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Blooms IntelliVit Women's MultiVitamin 60t


IntelliVit Women's MultiVitamin separates specific nutrients into two release phases for optimal absorption in the body. Blooms IntelliVit Women's MultiVitamin is a powerful formula designed to support women's specific physiological needs with increased doses of nutrients such as iron and B vitamins for sustained energy. Formulated for busy women with demanding lifestyles, IntelliVit's split release system aims to provide the best possible daily nutrition for women on the go, in one tablet.

Blooms IntelliVit women's formula

  • aids energy production
  • may assist immune defense
  • helps protect against free radical damage
  • helps maintain a healthy nervous system
  • supports thyroid function and metabolism
  • assists mood maintenance
  • supports cardiovascular function in normal, healthy individuals