Blooms Linden Flowers Tea 50g

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Blooms Linden Flowers Tea 50g


Linden is also referred to as Lime Blossom, and the flowers are used medicinally. Linden has sedative properties, and therefore is useful in the treatment of anxiety and nervous tension.

Linden may assist in protecting against the development of atherosclerosis and hypertension. Linden Flowers are also useful in the treatment of feverish colds and flu and may assist in treatment of some forms of migraine.

Ingredients: Linden Flowers


To make a tea, combine a cup of boiling water with a 2g of Linden Flower and infuse for 10 – 15 minutes. For a diaphoretic effect in fever, use 4 – 6g. Take 3 times a day.


Linden Flowers should not be used on a regular basis during pregnancy or by patients with serious heart insufficiency.


Warnings: This food is not a sole source of nutrition and should be used in conjunction with a nutritious diet and with an appropriate physical training or exercise program. This food is not suitable for children under the age of 15 or pregnant women. It should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision. Keep out of reach of children.