Blue Alkaline Water Jug 1.5 Ltrs By Ecobud

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Gentoo Blue Alkaline Water Jug 1.5 Litres by ecobud


  • Reduces Chlorine
  • Removes       Bacteria
  • Removes Up to 98% Fluoride
  • Alkaline Level pH 8.0 – 8.5
  • BPA Free
  • Filter Replacement Indicator
  • 3 Month Replacement Filter Cartridge
  • Australian Designed


Gentoo is the smart way to enjoy purified drinking water quickly from your fridge day and night. Use this fabulous filtration system indoors or outdoors, and get great tasting water without the unwanted extras. Forget boiling, elaborate filtration systems or the need for electricity. Feel 100% hydrated no matter where you are or what you are doing. Relaxing at home, outdoor barbeques, or even camping in the great outdoors! The ecobud Alkaline Water Jugremoves many of the undesirable chemicals from regular tap water leaving you with healthy, great tasting liquid refreshment. A perfect way to always have filtered alkalized water (pH 8.0 – 8.5) at your disposal and at an economical price! This handy, lightweight and BPA free jug has a number of other features including a cartridge exchange indicator, spout cover and a 1.5 litre capacity. Each disposable ecobud Gentoo Alkaline Water Replacement Filter Cartridge is usable for approximately 600 litres or 3 months. Jugs are available in two colours (blue and white).

Alkaline Water

The process of re-establishing an acid-alkaline balance begins with the inclusion of a proper diet and good nutrition into our daily routine. The “alkaline” in alkaline water refers to its pH level. The pH level is a number that measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is on a scale of 0-14. For example, something with a pH of 1 would be very acidic, and something with a pH of 13 would be very alkaline. Alkaline water has a higher pH level than regular drinking water. Because of this, some advocates of alkaline water believe it can neutralize the acid in your body resulting in improved overall health. Normal drinking water is generally a neutral pH of 7. Alkaline water generally has a pH of 8 or 9. Water that is naturally alkaline occurs when water passes over rocks – like springs – and picks up minerals, which increase its alkaline level. Naturally-occurring mineral water contains alkalizing compounds, such as calcium, silica, potassium, magnesium, and bicarbonate. Increased mineral content may improve the hydration effect of water.

Gentoo Alkaline Water Replacement Filter Cartridge

  • PPF Filter OR Mesh
  • Activated Carbon – highly absorbent to remove bacteria and pollutants, helps deodorize
  • KDF – removes pollutants like algae, fungus, chlorine and radioactive heavy metals
  • Calcium Ionized Clay –releases activated calcium ions, easily absorbed
  • Energizing Ceramic – infra-red stone (4-14 electromagnetic wave) capable of releasing a high level of energy into the water by vibrating, making molecules smaller (from 13-20 to 5-6 per cluster), and easier to absorb.

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