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Bragg Liquid Aminos (spray) All Purpose Seasoning 180ml

This product has been discontinued

UN - BR01

Bragg Liquid Aminos 180 ml - Buy Online


The value of Liquid Aminos lies in the rich source of amino acids that it possesses. The presence of these amino acids provides many Benefits to consumers, including:

  • The promotion of healthy functioning of the cells and organs in the body
  • Can help prevent fatigue and improve concentration levels
  • Can increase energy and performance
  • It is an ideal source of amino acids for vegans and vegetarians who commonly struggle to consume enough because they abstain from eating meat.

Liquid Aminos Spray is a Bragg Australia seasoning product that can be used to season a wide variety of foods. It goes well when added to salads, dressings, soups, sauces, broths and vegetables to add flavour. Consider it a healthier alternative to soy sauce with a flavour just as sweet but a little milder. Gluten-free and containing no artificial preservatives, this product makes for a wonderful addition to the kitchen pantry.

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Non-GMO soybeans, purified water. 


Note:  Bragg Liquid Amino's & Bragg All purpose Seasoning is the same product with different label.  There are two importers of the Bragg range in Australia and one supplier has chosen to label the Liquid Amino's as All Purpose Seasoning.  Please note that the official Bragg USA site does not sell All Purpose Seasoning, just liquid amino's.  These products are identical in every way except for the label.  Customers may receive one or the other depending on stock availability.  We maintain two versions of Bragg products on the site.