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East Bali Cashews

East Bali Cashews


East Bali Cashews – How it all begun

East Bali Cashews was founded by Aaron Fishman back in 2012 at the village of Desa Ban. While one a trip to East Bali, Aaron was enlightened by its profound beauty as well as its large amount of cashew farmers that exist. Their conditions of living were another reason that Aaron wanted to do one better for Bali, the gem of nature.

Cashew farming and trading is common in East Bali, thus the idea of capturing the market niche of pure and natural products and introducing it to the Australian organics market. His vision was to create a business that would promise job opportunities to the community of East Bali while improving their low quality of living. He dreamed of a socially responsible business that would provide pure and honest food by following transparent and sustainable practices for the making of its products as well as quality standards for its own employees.

And so he did and East Bali Cashews was created.

The growth of East Bali Cashews Company

Following his dream of sustainable and transparent practices, the company makes sure to source its ingredients directly from Karangasem’s trees and farms and maintains the pureness of its products. That is why their moto is ‘you are what you eat’ and hence, what they provide is not only of high quality but also natural and clean of additives. Their cashew production provides some of the highest quality cashew nuts which are combined with organic and natural ingredients to elevate their creamy and nutty taste including ginger, coconuts and chili peppers.

From local to international

From Bali to all the way to the US, East Bali Cashews is taking the organics market by storm. The most amazing fact about this company is that every sale and every store contributes in the provision of more and more jobs in Bali. Their social responsibility expands through becoming a source of income for many women in Bali who were previously living with no income and low living standards.

“For now, we’re focused on creating sustainable and positive change in East Bali…a few nuts at a time!”