Buckwheat Flour Organic 500g Kialla

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KIALLA Buckwheat Flour Organic 500g Buy Online

Grown in Australia and China, this product is created by milling the buckwheat grain and sieving off the outer husk then milling the remaining husk and inner kernel into a flour. This creates a fullish, dark buckwheat flavor that is bold, toasty and rich. This strong, distinct, nutty flavor can then used as an alternative to white flour to make a number of delicious meals, including:




-rice and pasta products

-bread (please use other gluten rich flours in conjunction to ensure the bread rises)

The value of Kialla’s organic buckwheat flour lies is its high fiber, high protein makeup. Rich in vitamins and minerals and, despite the name, not a wheat product and 100% gluten free . This means that for those suffering celiac disease or other wheat related allergies it is the perfect choice of product. 

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