Coconut Water 12 x 1L By Nakula

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Coconut Water 12 x 1L By Nakula

Coconut water is the answer to all-natural rehydration that is healthier for the body and the environment. Coconut water provides many benefits for the human body that can help people overcome a range of health-related concerns:

- It can reduce stress due to the presence of magnesium which helps the formation of serotonin which can improve happiness.

- It can improve heart health due to the inclusion of calcium which aids in relaxing muscles including the heart which can lower the risk of heart-attack.

- It can lower blood pressure levels thanks to the high potassium level that it possesses which counteracts sodium in the body resulting in a reduction in blood pressure levels.

Coconut water from Nakula comes in a carton of twelve, 1 litre cartons. Sourced from the best organic farms in Asia, this product is of the highest quality. With a percentage of every Nakula product sold going to assist disadvantaged communities in Asia, you’ll not only be purchasing a fantastic product, but you’ll be helping the under-privileged at the same time.

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100% Organic Coconut Water.