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Extraordinary Foods Products

Extraordinary Foods mission statement is, “to help people all around Australia discover great products that are both healthy and tasty”. To them “health and taste doesn't have to be mutually exclusive”.

Their passion is raw and vegan food. Their introductory product line was a variety of tasty Kale Chips. Organic Kale is sourced from local farmers in the Northern Rivers of Australia and other organic ingredients are used whenever possible. Market success of their Kale Chips led the company’s owners to introduce another healthy snack line with the name Pimp My Salad: Sprinkles; a delicious line of nourishing salad toppers made from Organic Seeds, Sea Vegetables, Spices and Condiments.

The Kale, Seeds, and Sea Vegetables are dehydrated (air dried) at 46°C for many hours. Using low temperature dry heat allows all ingredients to remain “raw” and maintain the same nutritional value and goodness unique to uncooked (alive) food.

Features of Kale Chips:

• Tasty & Healthy Snack
• Hand Made From Organic Australian Grown Kale
• 100% Raw
• Dehydrated At Low Temperature
• Gluten & Dairy Free
• Vegan

The problem with many kale chips found in the local grocery or health food store is that they are processed with salt and fats which make them a more gratifying snack for the kale-averse. These unhealthy additions can turn something truly healthy into something that can contribute to weight gain and high blood pressure. This is unfortunate as kale in its raw state is incredibly nutrient dense.

The good news is that Extraordinary Foods Kale Chips are 100% raw and have retained their natural goodness. Some of the benefits of including kale in your diet are:

1. Healthy Vision - Two nutrients that give kale its dark green hue, Lutein and Zeaxanthin, have been shown to help prevent macular degeneration and cataracts.

2. Detoxification - One of the top health benefits of kale is that it is a natural detoxifier. It not only helps remove toxins from organs and tissue but also helps eliminate them from the body.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Agent – Perhaps the most beneficial property of eating kale is its ability to be a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. When you consider the ideal Omega-3: Omega-6 ratio, kale is the “perfect food.”

4. Potent Antioxidant - Going hand-in-hand with its anti-inflammatory potency, kale is a superior antioxidant food. Of the three main antioxidant Vitamins (A, C, and E), kale is particularly rich in Vitamin C and Beta-Carotene (the precursor to Vitamin A).

Features of Pimp My Salad Sprinkles:

• Tasty & Healthy Salad Topper

• Made With Super Healthy Raw Seeds

• Contain Mineral Rich Sea Vegetables (Seaweed)

• 100% Raw & Paleo

• Dehydrated At Low Temperature

• Gluten & Dairy Free

• Vegan

When it comes to nutrition-dense superfoods, the seeds used in Pimp My Salad Sprinkles (Pumpkin, Flax, Chia, Sesame, Poppy and Sunflower) are definitely star performers. All contain Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which are associated with everything from a healthy brain and heart to supple skin. They all have varying amounts of plant based protein and are a good source of this essential nutrient for those following a vegetarian or vegan diet. The impressive nutrition profile of these seeds gets even better when you consider the significant amounts of fiber and minerals within them. Each also boasts its own distinctive dietary offerings, along with unique flavors that transform everyday eats into food that feels special and healthy.

Seaweed has long been known throughout the ages and across many cultures as an important dietary secret to improve health and longevity. Sea Vegetables draw on an extraordinary wealth of mineral elements from the sea that can account for up to 36% of their dry mass. This food is high in Iodine, Calcium, magnesium, Iron, Vitamins C, B and A, Protein, Fiber, and Alpha Linoleic Acid (EPA), and so much more. Sea Superfoods Sprinkles also include Spirulina(Blue Green Algae) which is a natural energy booster and whole body detoxifier.

Extraordinary Foods production kitchen is located in Byron Bay and all products are handmade with lots of dedication and love.

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