MelRose Essential Nutrients + Balanced & Lean 30x3g

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MelRose Essential Nutrients + Balanced & Lean 30x3g


Melrose Essential Nutrients+ Balanced & Lean is a vegan friendly superfood synergy of carefully selected, nutrient-dense beetroot, flavonoid-rich red orange extract, coconut MCT and natural pre-biotic fibre IMO, formulated to help support fat metabolism and healthy weight management.With a clinically effective dose of red-orange extract combined with MCT and beetroot, Essential Nutrients+ provides a great source of energy, supports ketosis in the body, contains essential prebiotic fibre and helps support healthy weight loss. Essential Nutrients+ is best to be used in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise. It may take up to 12 weeks to see optimal results. 

Product Ingredients

Beetroot Powder, Red Orange Extract, IMO, MCT Powder, Orange Oil, Natural Red Orange Flavour, Silicon Dioxide, Natural Sweetener Thaumatin.