Abode Cleaning Products Timber Floor Cleaner Atlas Cedar 750ml

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Abode Cleaning Products Surface Cleaner Lavender and Mint 500ml


Made especially for the timber floors and surfaces, the Abode Cleaning Products Timber Floor Cleaner Atlas Cedar is a pH neutral cleaner which is made of natural ingredients and contains no chemicals like the other cleaners in the market. It is a natural timber floor cleaner which helps you get rid of the stubborn grease and grime with ease. It is a great natural cleaning product.


  • Great natural cleaning product
  • Made specially for the timber surfaces
  • Effective in cleaning


The cleaner is very effective and you need small amount to get great results. Just pour 1 full cap into a 4 litres warm water bucket and mix it well and use as mop.


Store the product in a cool and dry place. 

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  • Ammonia free
  • No Bleach
  • pH neutral
  • No compromise with health
  • Natural ingredients
  • Made for timber surfaces
  • No Toxic chemicals
  • Great cleaning 
  • No harsh detergents


water, alkylpolyglucosides, soda ash, grain alcohol and pure lavender and mint essential oils.