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Absolute Red Goji Berry 450g


If you want to have a healthy body and a healthy mind, this product, Absolute Red Goji Berry 450g, is just for you. The Absolute Red goji berry as a fruit, is an amazing source of Vitamin A, C, fiber and Zinc. The product is beneficial for eyes, kidneys, livers and the body as a whole. This product is extremely good source of antioxidants and helps in the prevention of flu. Moreover, the product is also good for maintaining the blood sugar levels as well. This product Absolute Red Goji Berry, would work wonders for your body, so buy one pack of 450g and try the sweet-sour tasty fruit for yourself.


●        Helps creating insulin
●        Reduces heart diseases
●        Reduces Arthritis.
●        Reduces Blood Pressure
●        Maintains blood sugar
●        Rich  in antioxidants
●        Includes concentration
●        Increases testosterone levels in males


Can be eaten as raisins, or in breakfast with cornflakes. Do not consume more than 20g per day.


Store the product in a cool and dry place. 

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●        Dairy free
●        Vegetarian product
●        Sulphate free
●        Gluten free
●        Vegan friendly


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