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Power SuperFoods are a 100% Australian owned and operated company who specialise in providing their clients an array of intriguing functional foods, which help the individual meet their nutritional needs, in a delectable, yet naturally simple way.  Since their beginnings in 2001 they have shared many years of passionate exploration of ancient wisdom, which had previously led them to over 30 countries across our beautiful planet Earth. Power SuperFoods offers the health conscious Australian consumer a wide choice of unique premium quality “superfoods” which provide energy and enhance wellbeing.

The Power SuperFoods range is:

Their commitment to socially and environmentally responsible business practices is secured through partnerships with farming communities around the world. Initiating opportunities among indigenous communities in developing countries encourages native agricultural traditions. This in turn, boosts expansion of sound organic farming practices globally.

The Power SuperFoods company believe in a win-win-win-win for their suppliers, distributors, customers and our planet and invite you, to add these healthy ancient traditions to your modern lifestyle.