Amazonia Organic Acai Powder 50G

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Organic Acai Powder 50g by Amazonia - Buy Online

Organic Acai Powder 50g by Amazonia


Amazonia’s fully certified organic Acai Powder 50g is the perfect product to fuel the body and can provide many health benefits for the health-conscious individual. Harvested in the Amazonian rainforest then freeze-dried in Australia in ideal conditions to maximise nutritional retention, this wonderful superfood is the perfect addition to the Australian kitchen pantry. Gluten-free and vegan friendly, the acai berry can be added to your breakfast cereal, juice or smoothie to provide an energy boost to get you on the way with the day ahead.

Possessing a taste similar to blueberries but with a slightly bitter chocolatey taste, the acai berry contains a bevy of antioxidants which help reduce tiredness and stress and can lead to a healthier, deeper night’s sleep. Additionally, as a rich source of B vitamins energy levels can be increased and the presence of omega 3 can assist with brain functioning and memory development which makes it an attractive food addition to your child’s breakfast.

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