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Amazonia began as the vision of a young Dwayne Martens in Fremantle, WA in 2008. He had unearthed a little berry called Acai, and together with Chris Norden, established the Amazonia company into an innovative natural health movement. By accessing a direct sustainable supply from the world’s largest rainforest, they have since pioneered the very first Certified Organic, Certified Fair Trade Acai products in Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Singapore and South Korea. Amazonia’s sustainable and Fair Trade practices are currently supporting over 4000 local families, who are in turn actively securing the preservation of over 4000 acres of Amazon rainforest. 

The Amazonia range of nutrient dense products includes Acai, Raw Nutritional and raw food bars and wherever possible, Amazonia puts great focus into alleviating their impact on the environment. Their latest range, Raw Nutrition, is manufactured in recycled packaging, and brochures are printed on recycled paper using vegetable inks.

Amazonia is at the forefront of the global health movement, and the staff, live and breathe the healthy lifestyle that they promote. With the ever changing macrocosm of modern society, their philosophy strives to share that lifestyle with as many people as possible through offering products that address modern day health issues.