Honey Organic 1kg Ambrosia

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Ambrosia Organic Honey 1kg


  • Certified Organic
  • Raw & Non-GMO
  • Delicious Rich Taste
  • Source Of Quick Energy
  • Natural Enzymes Aid Digestion
  • Antimicrobial Properties Resist Bacterial Infections
  • Certified Organic
  • Raw & Non-GMO
  • Non-Toxic Glass Jar
  • Gluten & Dairy Free
  • 100% Australian Sourced & Owned


The people at Ambrosia are passionate about the benefits of pristine honey produced in accordance with organic principles. In fact, Ambrosia was the first Australian company to seek and gain organic certification in 1989. Ambrosia Organic Honey is just the way nature intended. All Ambrosia Honey is 100% Organic produced in unpolluted rural areas, away from orchards, flowering agricultural crops and other potential contaminants. It is free from additives, never blended with other honey and with absolutely no chemicals or antibiotics used. It’s heated to 45 degrees Celsius in order to liquefy the honey for easy bottling. All natural and health giving components of the honey are left intact as this is less than the temperature generated by the hive in summer time. Still rich in flavour and full of nutrients, it simply has a more clarified and runnier consistency.  As a result, Ambrosia Organic Honey is rich with natural bio-available enzymes, vitamins and trace minerals.


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Product Ingredients:

100% Australian Organic Honey