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Avalon Organics is a body care products which inspires to create formulas that are satisfying, effective and conscious of your health as well as the environment. They are one of the only brands certified to the NSF/ANSI305 Standard for Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients. Avalon Organics Australia stand by the notion that the skin is our body’s largest organ, providing a delicate shield of protection for us. We need to be careful what we use on it, because a lot of what put on our bodies is absorbed.

Avalon Organics follows a mantra of ‘Consciousness in Organics’®, as a principle behind everything they do. This philosophy encompasses 5 elements of consciousness.

Avalon Organics Australia - Product Traits

  1. Purity and Safety - Avalon Organics products have no known irritants included at all. Also do not contain aluminum, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors and no GMO. They use essential oils and natural cleansers to ensure your body receives a gentle, yet effective, clean.

  2. Sustainability – Their products not only benefit their customers, but also the soil, the farmers and the environment.

  3. Effectiveness – they provide high quality, unprecedented results because of unique, innovative ingredients and processes.

  4. Intimacy – Avalon Organics understands that caring for your skin and hair is an intimate, daily routine. Taking time to honour your body with consciousness brings a deeper connection with ourselves.

  5. Personal Choice – Avalon Organics understands that many people have sensitivities and personal beliefs that limit what ingredients they are willing to use, that’s why their organic products are completely cruelty free, in every phase, from development, the company, their laboratories and their suppliers.

Avalon Organics Australia is committed to creating an extraordinary range of new and improved products that are inherently pure and safe, while expanding the efficacy and vibrantly healthy benefits of natural body care.