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Ayurvedic Soap

Ayurvedic Soap

What is Ayurvedic Soap?

Ayurvedic soap is a soap manufactured according to the principles of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a traditional form of Indian medicine. 

Ayurvedic medicine operates on the principle that your skin’s health reflects the whole body’s health. As the skin is your body’s largest organ, it is capable of absorbing way more nutrients than you might realise. Ayurvedic soap is made from organic ingredients with the idea of nourishing the skin. Gentle on the skin, it is a natural and holistic means of skincare designed to deliver clean healthy moisturised skin all over. 

An Ayurvedic soap recipe is not just a recipe for cleansing and nourishing the skin. The soap bars are infused with aromatic herbs that can help to improve your mood and state of mind. 

Benefits of Ayurvedic soap

The Ayurvedic lifestyle requires a change in mindset and an acknowledgement that any natural thing when used properly, acts as a type of medicine. This is particularly so for what is applied topically and what scents that you may breathe in. Even everyday morning rituals such as showering or washing your face can contribute to your overall health. 

The key benefits of using Ayurvedic soap are:

  • The naturally made soap retains antioxidant properties which help with skin cell rejuvenation, This helps with keeping skin looking healthy.

  • Contains natural antibacterial agents that help to prevent acne and other related conditions.

  • Minimises health risks associated with parabens and sulphates found in regular soap. These chemicals can be absorbed into the body and may be harmful to your overall health.

  • More environmentally friendly than regular soap. Made from all-natural ingredients, Ayurvedic soap is easily biodegradable, making it less harmful to the environment. Regular soaps tend to contain chemicals that can be quite toxic to the environment and they have the potential to disrupt marine life in particular.

  • Helps to keep skin looking youthful. The soap contains many ingredients that help to maintain the skin’s complexion and elasticity. 

  • Free from animal fat. Not tested on animals.

  • Naturally moisturises the skin and helps to prevent ailments such as dermatitis.

  • Ayurvedic soap is made up of a cocktail of natural herbs that have natural  restorative and recuperative powers. They not only enrich your skin but have the power to enliven and nourish your senses as well.  Science has now conclusively demonstrated that our sense of smell can have a direct effect on our emotions. Some natural scents can have a significant impact upon our state of mind and emotional well being.  Ginger and lavender, for example, are both known to have a relaxing, calming effect on the body.

What is in Ayurvedic soap?

The ingredients of this soap may vary slightly according to individual recipes but the ingredients list of Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap gives a reasonable sample of what is contained in Ayurvedic soap. These ingredients are -:

  • Extracts of wild ginger help to soothe skin

  • Coconut oil -  nourishes and moisturises skin as well as lighting tan colour.

  • Lime peel oil, cools, nourishes and heals.

  • Sandalwood oil provides a perfumed cooling element

  • Orange oil helps to prevent skin rashes like acne

  • Hydnocarpus oil helps with overall skin health.

  • Lemon Chandrika perfume 

Where to buy Ayurvedic Soap 

If you’ve been looking for a soap that will nourish, protect and clean your family, Ayurvedic soap may well be the answer. You can buy quality Ayurvedic Soap from Buy Organics Online. We have sourced the highest quality soaps made with the Ayurvedic community and are proud to make them available to you. Buy your Ayurvedic soap today from Buy Organics Online.

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