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Baby Sunscreen

Is baby sunscreen a thing?

The Australian sun can be very harmful to a child’s skin and every step should be taken to protect the child’s skin from the harmful effects of the sun. The anti cancer council of Australia recommends that everything possible be done to keep babies under the age of six months covered and protected from the sun’s rays. It is generally recommended that sunscreen is not applied to babies younger than six months as their skin is super absorbent.

Baby sunscreen becomes more effective for babies after the six month period where it should be applied to protect baby’s skin from the sun. Baby sunscreen normally only contains mineral blocker agents like zinc oxide. It is therefore a good idea to choose organic baby sunscreen that will be suitable for children over the age of six months.

What are the benefits of using baby sunscreen in Australia

Applying baby sunscreen to your young child will deliver four main benefits while not subjecting them to the potential harmful effects of adults sunscreens. These benefits are-:

  • It protects your child’s skin from painful sunburn which can cause itching, swelling, redness and peeling.

  • Prevents harmful UV rays from penetrating your child’s skin.

  • Enhance and improve skin health by protecting essential proteins like collagen, keratin and elastin 

  • Helps to guard against skin damage that could one day lead to skin cancer.

Where to buy organic baby sunscreen Australia can trust

The best way to buy baby skin care products is through the Buy Organics Online website.  Our sunscreen products have been carefully chosen after careful consultation with the most reliable and trusted suppliers within the natural  sunscreen industry. If you are looking for a natural organic sunscreen that is safe for your baby over the age of six months then our range of sunscreen baby products are the perfect solution for you - purchase your supply of baby sunscreen from Buy Organics Online now.

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