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Basik LSA Meal 450g x 6

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Basik LSA Meal 450g x 6


LSA meal by BasiK consists of organic linseeds, sunflower seeds and Almonds. Each of these food ingredients are abundantly nutritive which makes this mix a super food. They are a rich source of vitamins, dietary fibres and omega fatty acids which are known to have numerous benefits for the heart, nervous, skin, eyes,bones, and the nervous system. They also contain essential minerals which further adds to benefits of adding this to your daily diet.  


  • Rich source of vitamins A, D, B, and E
  • It helps in digestion
  • Rich source of dietary fibre
  • It is believed to assist in regulating blood cholesterol and sugar levels
  • It may help in keeping the heart healthy


LSA can be added to all food types to enhance the nutritional value. It can be added to baked food, soups, cereals and gravies. 


Store the product in a cool and dry place. 

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  • No added flavors or preservatives
  • GMO free
  • No added sugar
  • Source of proteins
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • Made of all natural ingredients


Ground linseed (50%), ground sunflower kernels (33.3%), blanched almond meal (16.7%)