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Lotus Wheat Grain Organic 1kg

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KAD - 6362

Say g'day to Lotus Organic Wheat Grain, your go-to for a low-fat, protein-rich, and fibre-packed addition to your daily grub. Perfect for jazzing up your salads, creating nutrient-dense seed bread, or even baking a batch of wholesome cookies.


Proudly packed in the Land Down Under using locally sourced ingredients, this 1kg bag comes with a resealable oxygen barrier, ensuring your wheat grain stays as fresh as a daisy.


What you've got here is more than just a pantry staple; it's a genuine source of dietary fibre. Plus, it's certified organic and a top pick for vegans, making it a stellar choice for those who take their health and the planet seriously.


100% Pure Organic Wheat Grain

So don't just settle for ordinary; go for Lotus Organic Wheat Grain and step up your nutrition game today!