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Besan Flour

Besan Flour

What is Besan Flour?

Besan flour, is sometimes mistaken for chickpea flour but is made from from chana dal or split brown chickpeas, whereas chickpea flour is made from white chickpeas. Besan or Gram flour as it is commonly called, is a staple ingredient in many Indian recipes. The flour is gaining popularity across the world as a gluten free alternative to wheat based flours.

Besan flour is a finely ground flour that has a similar taste to chickpea flour. It usually needs less water than chickpea flour to make a batter of the same consistency. 

Health benefits of using besan flour

A brief summary of the benefits of besan flour is listed below.

  • Besan flour is loaded with vitamins and minerals including thiamine, magnesium, iron, phosphate, copper and manganese. Just 92 grams of flour contains an adult’s daily requirement of folate as well as ten grams of fibre.

  • Contains antioxidants known as polyphenols these antioxidants have been shown to reduce free radicals and in some cases reverse the damage caused to the body.

  • Contains significantly less calories than wheat based flour allowing you to eat the same size portions and reduce calorie intake - this could assist with weight loss.

  • Low GI food which may result in decreased blood sugar levels compared to wheat based flours

  • Contains higher protein levels than other flours.

  • Gluten free

Where can I buy besan flour

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