Botani Eco Clear Body Bar Antiseptic Soap 125g

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Botani Eco Clear Body Bar Antiseptic Soap 125g


Leave your skin clean, healthy and hydrated with Botáni’s Eco-Clear Body Bar. This refreshing, naturally medicated soap uses antiseptic and anti-bacterial actives to purify the skin without stripping the surface of healthy oils. Treating body acne and common fungal infections with Australian lemon scented Tea Tree oil; a natural anti-bacterial. Botáni’s Eco-Clear Body Baris suitable for all skin types, especially congested and acne prone skin.


  • Naturally medicated antiseptic and anti-bacterial soap. 
  • Fights fungal infections such as tinea. 
  • Ideal treatment for body acne. 
  • Reduces body odour. 
  • pH balanced for optimum skin health.