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Klean Kanteen

The original Klean Kanteen classic reusable bottles

In 2004, the founders of Klean Kanteen introduced stainless steel water bottles into the marketplace and changed the world for the better. Back then, people were not as concerned with environmental damage linked to plastic as they are now. Seeing the concern early, this company developed safe, lightweight, leak proof, stainless steel and reusable insulated bottles that were BPA free and absent of other toxic contaminants.

From these very early days people took a liking to Klean Kanteen’s insulated bottles and it was not uncommon to see them pop up at music festivals, outdoor sports events and on road trips with people storing their clean water in them.

Klean Kanteen provides the consumer with a safer choice

 Prior to the company's development of their revolutionary products, water bottles were made from polycarbonate plastic or aluminium. These products have long been linked to a host of diseases and illnesses due to the leaking of toxins that can occur during consumption. When Klean Kanteen bottles hit the market, they delivered a BPA free alternative that changed the consumer marketplace forever.    

The company is committed to the consumer and the planet.

With a steadfast commitment to providing consumers with products that are BPA free, healthy for the family and healthy for the environment, this is a company that you can really put your support behind. The company's ultimate desire is that their customers re-use their products for many years to come. This, at the expense of selling more of their products, they would much rather their products last for eternity, to the benefit of the consumer but also the planet.

Klean Kanteen Australia products are of the highest quality

With a range that is ever expanding, and a push to increase the brand’s visibility worldwide, this company now reach out to many countries, including Australia, and their products are available for the benefit of all Australians who may be looking to reduce the environmental damage that they cause through excessive waste.

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