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Love Tea

What is Love Tea?

Love tea is an organic tea company that is founded by an Australian neuropathy students Emma Watson and Damien in 2006, as a student of neuropathy, Emma and Damien were aware of the benefits of herbs that are beneficial for the body development. After exploring with organic teas, aromatic spices and healing herbs for a number of years, Emma and Damien decided to take their tea obsession to a full-time project.  

In order to make something beneficial for the human health and environment, they started Love tea company where they bring the organic raw material from trusted sourced and began delivering it to your doorsteps.

Organic Love Tea Benefits

Advocates have suggested that Organic love tea can benefit the consumer in the following ways:

  • A tea might help you reduce the chances of heart attack through lowering down the stress levels and blood pressure.

  • Some of the therapeutic tea might help in better cognitive functioning and will assist you to work efficiently for extended hours.

  • It might help in eliminating free radicals from the body, because of its antioxidants, the number of antioxidants may differ in different varieties of tea.

  • Organic tea contains no chemicals and is healthy for the body and environment.

  • These teas may have a effect on your hormonal changes in a positive way.

  • Tea may also help in keeping the body weight in the limit, it can also help in boosting body metabolism that can assist in more calorie burn.

Love Tea Australia

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