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Mayver’s – Better for you. Naturally

Mayver’s creators founded the company with one mission, to bring back delicious products to Australia’s kitchen tables in the most organic way possible. Their goal is to provide natural spreads with all the goodness of nature minus all the “badditives” that non-organic products consist of. Paul, the founder of Mayer’s and a family man of three, took into consideration the luxury it was to buy healthy alternatives for our foods due to their non-affordable prices and decided to take matters into his own hands.

That is when Mayver’s was introduced to the Australian market.

The organic products are made of Australian ingredients preserving their natural deliciousness. With their range of table spreads, Mayver’s is taking the Australian market by the storm. Paul’s main aim is to clear out all the “dadditives” from the foods we consume and, thus, help us lead a happy, healthy and more energetic life.

The real deal is Mayver’s spreads

The real treat about their products is that they are made purely of natural products with actual health benefits, hence, their pure-state they are being served to us. That is where their amazing power derives from. Enough with those functional foods, wholefoods or superfoods – now it’s time for the real deal, the pure-state foods.

In case you don’t know what pure-state foods stand for, these are the foods that are functional whole superfoods that preserve health benefits.

The only process that nuts go through before being bottled is to be crushed and blended. That’s it! And that is how Mayver’s table spreads hold their deliciousness and powerfulness from. The fact that the ingredients are not processed and no additives are included in those bottles of heaven, is what makes them 100% pure and organically certified natural spreads.

Enjoy the realness that Mayver’s bottles of spreads serve us, at the best prices, here at Buy Organics Online.