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Red Seal


Red Seal – Live your best life at Buy Organics Online

Red Seal was founded in New Zealand back in 1923 with a mission to cater natural products to its customers.

The brand strives throughout the years to provide maximum quality goods that are made of natural ingredients. Red Seal products will not harm your pocket but only improve your lifestyle and health.

Red Seal’s main goal is not only to provide natural products but also promote ‘premium health’. Their goal combined with deep knowledge and expertise into natural ingredients, they are able to formulate healthy organic products that are safe to consume and beneficial towards your health.

Red Seal natural products

Their products are filled with vitamins, herbs and minerals that aid for a balanced diet and promote well-being. You can trust Red Seal to develop the right products to support your health. By taking into consideration what their consumers seek after, they ensure to provide natural solutions while implementing innovative practices into the making of their products. All at considerable prices.

Red Seal is owned and operated by the worldwide famous EBOS Group, the Australian maker and distributor of healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical products. Red Seal is also widely known in New Zealand for its teas and toothpastes.  

Good Intentions and Scientific Support

With its many years of experience and expertise in the market, Red Seal managed to maintain its key values through the years. They strive to support people that take care of their health and wellbeing by providing the best at their disposal. The fast paced lifestyle that most people adopt, prevents them from their good intentions for what they consume. That is why Red Seal offers its products to help maintain and balance society’s health while providing with the energy and nutrition to keep people going.

Good intentions are met through the adoption of innovative and scientific research in order for the products to be carefully crafted.  

Part of Red Seal’s ethos is produce the highest quality products at the best price possible, to make good health affordable and accessible.