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What is Suttons Colloidal Silver

Suttons colloidal silver products are manufactured by a wholly owned Australian company - Suttons colloidal solutions. This Australian company has dedicated itself to developing premium quality colloidal silver products for distribution by health practitioners and health retailers.

Colloidal silver is tiny nanoparticles of silver suspended in water. This solution was widely used in the treatment of bacterial, fungal and viral infections prior to the widespread use of antibiotics.There is some historical evidence to suggest that silver has always been associated with health and the preference by royalty and nobles to eat  exclusively from silverware can be traced to this belief. In more recent times, colloidal silver has been used by NASA as a water purification system and many airlines use silver water filtration systems to guarantee the quality of drinking water available to their passengers.

Benefits of Suttons Colloidal Silver

There is some evidence to suggest that using colloidal silver in very small doses may help in the following ways.

  • Improve water quality - studies at UCLA show that 2 teaspoons of silver with a potency of 30 parts per million can purify one gallon of water. Suttons colloidal solution has a potency of between 16 and 20 parts per million.

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Has the ability to neutralise antibiotic resistant pathogens

  • Helps repair and regrow skin tissue - work by Dr Robert Becker has demonstrated that the use of silver in treating wounds has been particularly effective

  • Has anti inflammatory properties

  • May help with the treatment of nasal congestion and related allergies

Where to Buy Suttons Colloidal Silver Australia Can Rely On

The best place to buy Suttons Colloidal Silver in Australia is through the Buy Organics Online website; There is no better time to make the switch to colloidal silver and no better products to use than those provided by Suttons solutions. Purchase Suttons Colloidal Silver products from Buy Organics Online today!