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Bulk Rolled Oats

Bulk Rolled Oats

Where Can You Get Bulk Rolled Oats?

Buying bulk rolled oats is a lot easier now that Buy organics Online has a range of bulk oats available to you. We understand that the need for quality organic food products is at an all-time high and that obtaining bulk supplies can be difficult at times.  

Buy Organics Online currently stocks 15 and 25 kilogram bulk bags of premium organic rolled oats. These high-protein, high fibre cereals are GMO-free and have been locally grown and packed. 

The advantages of buying in bulk 

Regardless of what you are buying, the principles of buying in bulk remain the same. . To get the most out of buying in bulk, you should be able to turn the item over pretty quickly. This is particularly relevant for foodstuffs which invariably have a use-by date.  Typically rolled oats will last for around twelve months. 

The key advantages of buying oats in bulk are :

  • You get more oats for your dollar. Judicious bulk buying can deliver substantial savings over the medium to long term. 

  • It is most unlikely that you will run out of oats.

  • Bulk buying helps to reduce your overall carbon footprint. 

Why buying bulk rolled oats is a good idea

Besides the obvious advantages to be gained by buying in bulk, rolled oats will deliver  the following health benefits 

  • Very nutritious food, containing high levels of fibre and carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and protein.

  • Contain antioxidants specifically linked to lowering blood pressure.

  • Contain s soluble fibre that helps to bring down both blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

  • Helps to lower bad cholesterol levels, contributing to better overall heart health.

  • Promotes a feeling of a full stomach which may help with weight reduction.

  • Can help to relieve the symptoms of constipation, particularly among the elderly.

Choose bulk rolled oats today and save

If you’re looking to buy bulk rolled oats in Adelaide or Australia wide then Buy Organics Online has the right bulk products for you. We take great pride in sourcing the very best organic and natural products available. Our bulk rolled oats are proven to be natural, nutritious and healthy. Buy yours today and save.

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