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Cabot Health LivaTone Plus 60c

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Cabot Health LivaTone Plus 60c


Now with more than 36,000mg of St Mary's Thistle plus Selenium and Turmeric in a daily dose - supports healthy gallbladder and liver function in healthy individuals. It also contains 100 mcg of folinic acid, the active form of folic acid in every capsule.

  • Very high dose of St Mary's Thistle. 
  • Contains Taurine - essential for the manufacture of healthy bile and efficient phase two liver detoxification. 
  • Very high dose of Turmeric which has cholagogue (bile stimulating) effects. 
  • Turmeric may provide relief from dyspepsia, flatulence, mild digestive disturbances. 
  • Selenium has anti-inflammatory effects and helps to promote glutathione production.

Combines a potent dose of St Mary's Thistle plus Turmeric and Selenium. Livatone Plus also contains B group vitamins and the amino acid Taurine as well as the antioxidant vitamins C and E.