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Cinnanom Toothpaste 113gr By Redmond Earthpaste

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Cinnanom Toothpaste 113g by REDMOND EARTH PASTE - Buy Online

Toothpaste 113g by REDMOND EARTH PASTE


Toothpaste has been around for ages and it is a part of everyone’s every-day life. From young ages we learn that oral hygiene is one of the most important part of our daily routine. The question is: Why not keep this important daily habit of ours as pure as possible.

Earth Paste  toothpaste gets its name from the source of its ingredients and that source is the earth. Earth Paste toothpaste is as toothpaste should be in the first place. With natural ingredients and without chemicals such as titanium dioxide, which is the ingredient that makes commercial toothpaste white. Instead, Earth Paste uses natural ingredients such as Real Salt, hydrated Redmond Clay, Xylitol and essential oils. With these ingredients, Earth Paste  keeps it real and natural, just like it should be. And as a plus, this toothpaste has an amazing earthly Cinnamon flavor and aroma.


•No Glycerin

•No Fluoride

•From the Earth

•No Artificial Coloring

•No Foaming Agents

•Real Salt

•Redmond Clay

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